Information for the incoming students

 I am about to arrive to Asturias, what are the first steps?

  • Searching for an accommodation in Asturias (we suggest you to start your search before your arrival): A good starting point are the following webs:

  •  Asking for a Spanish Buddy who will help me out during my first days and my exchange semester (we suggest you to send the request before your arrival): Here is the link for your Buddy request

How do I get to Oviedo/Gijón?

  • The closest airport is the Asturias Airport, which is connected by bus with Oviedo and Gijón. Santander Airport is also relatively close and offers a wider option or international flights. You can get bus tickets from any of both airports directly to Gijón and Oviedo in
  • The main bus company in the north of Spain is ALSA, which happens to be our partner and offers discounts for all international students with valid ESNcard. You can check their buses in
  • As for trains, the only Spanish company is


I want to get around the city, which means of transport can I take?

  • Oviedo and Gijón are relatively small cities and most people go walking everywhere.
  • You can check the metropolitan bus network in Oviedo in:
  • As for Gijón, you can check it here:
  • If you are living in the city centre of Gijón and studying in the Viesques campus, a bike would be a good bus substitute, as it’s slightly far from the city centre.
  • In the other hand, if you are studying in El Cristo campus, be aware that it’s a very hilly area, and biking there won’t be the most comfortable choice.

I’ve arrived to Asturias but I still don’t know how to find foodstuffs.

You can check on google maps for the closest to you. Here’s a list of most common supermarket names in Asturias.

  • Alimerka – They are the most ubiquitous, medium sized supermarkets with regular prices.
  • Carrefour – Few of them, very large, they offer the largest article selection.
  • Masymas – Similar to alimerka. Good bakery.
  • Mercadona – Mostly own brands, good price but more restricted assortment.
  • La plaza de DIA – Small and cheap.
  • Lidl – Medium sized and cheap.
  • Carrefour express – Open Monday to Sunday, but slightly more expensive and small.
  • Covirán – Only 24-hour supermarket in Oviedo.

I’ve just moved into my new flat but I need household goods. Where can I find a furniture store?

There’s an IKEA store in Intu Asturias shopping centre. You can get there by bus or train.

I don’t feel that well… I think I may need to see a doctor. Where can I find one?

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Which are the best cinemas?

  • Yelmo in Oviedo
  • Cinesa in Intu Asturias, right outside of Oviedo.
  • Yelmo in Gijón


I want to meet new exchange students and get more info about Erasmus event, where can I go?



My semester is about to start, how do I get more info about my university and my courses?


​Where can I find libraries to borrow books for Uni and study?

Here useful websites where you can find the list of the libraries in Oviedo/Gijón and borrow your books:

If meanwhile you have any question, write us to the email address!