We will show you the most important historic and cultural places in Oviedo.  (If you live in Gijón, the transport is not included in the price).

Tuesday 19th: MARTES DE TAPAS

Tuesday will be your best day during the full year. Tuesday of TAPAS. Each tuesday, we will meet in a different place around Oviedo where you can have low prices drinks with free tapas. Free!!  MARTES DE TAPAS ® is the quintessential multi-culture day of the week. You´ll be able to hear hundreds of languages while you spend a great time and learn almost without realizing it. (In Oviedo. Transport not included).

Wednesday 20th: HIKING+

One of the first things that you are going to see when you arrive to Oviedo is a statue which light up Oviedo during the nights. In this event, you can arrive at the top of that mountain and enjoy its nature. (It is not so far, it is just 90 mins walking). At the top, there is an amazing sight of Oviedo.  When you arrive to Oviedo, you´ll see that the city is located at the foot of a mountain. At the top of that mountain there´s a statue which shines at night. You´ll be able to appreciate it from a closer distance with this hiking event  This little route will give us the chance to show you some important places of the Asturian history, for example the place where the Revolution of 1934 ended, or the monuments from the pre-Romanic time… (In Oviedo. Transport not included)

 Thursday, the 21st: CITY TOUR AROUND GIJON

Of course we don't miss Gijón, and we are going to go to visit Gijón ( a nice city with sea). It is beautiful although less than Oviedo (It is a joke :P). Here, we´ll join the ESN UO Gijón team. They will show the city to the Erasmus students from Oviedo and Gijón, who will meet and become friends during the year. (If you live in Oviedo, the transport is not included in the price)

Friday, the 22nd: SANGRIA IN THE PARK

In ESN Oviedo we love to say that in the European Union, sangria is only sangria when it is made in Spain or Portugal :). Enjoy one of the most famous drinks in our country made by ESN Oviedo members: the ESN style-sangria.  (In Oviedo. Transport not included)

Saturday, the 23rd: ASTURIAN FOOD DINNER

As you know, Spain is known because of its gastronomy, but Asturias is known inside of Spain because of its gastronomy. So, come to try the best asturians products (food and drinks without limit) in one of the most reputation restaurants in Oviedo.  Anywhere in Spain will you eat so much and so well. (In Oviedo. Transport not included)


One of the most enjoyable things during the time that you are going to spend in Spain will be the ESN trips. Covadonga is one of the most historical and cultural places in Spain. It was in this little place among the mountains of Picos de Europa where the Spanish "Reconquista" (re-conquest) had started, fighting against the Arabs in the year 722 of our time.

Cangas de Onís was the first capital of the Asturian Kingdom, and therefore, the first of Spain!!

Ribadesella is a lovely vile decorated with a beautiful sea-landscape and some amazing mansions oriented to the sea and to America. ¿Why is that? The ESN Oviedo team will tell you. (The bus will take people in Gijón and in Oviedo)

18/01/2016 to 24/01/2016