Becoming an Erasmus student is a change for life. New places, new friends, new experiences…

But also new possibilities to make the world a better place. Has it ever happened to you to

think “I want to help, but I don’t have the time nor the means now”? Well, the moment is here

and now! This is what the international project of Social Erasmus is about.

Volunteering during your Erasmus experience will allow you to see a different side of the local

society. You will learn things that university is not able to teach you. You will meet people with

similar concerns to yours. And by helping somebody, you will help yourself becoming a great

human being.

Does it sound like something interesting to you? Don’t doubt to contact the ESN Oviedo crew

about the different Social Erasmus projects at or at Some of the activities that took place were the ESN Solidary Dance

Workshops, Volunteering at the Nursing Home, or Erasmus in Schools. You can also contact us

and suggest more activities that you would like to do. We are there for your experience to be


Take this chance and Leave your Mark!

Social Erasmus